Regarding the membership issues

Update: Yesterday we recieved a list with everyone who was in the wrong system, we have now added everyone manually to the correct system. This should resolve the issue with getting the message that you have not paid when you have. If you still get that error please contact the union office asap. We still have not recieved word regarding the physical cards or the e-mails but we will inform you when have news regarding that.


As many of you have noticed we have had some issues with memberships this semester. The reason behind this is that we buy our member directory service from a company which also handles the membership cards.  A move between systems on their end is the cause of most of the problems we’ve experienced these past weeks.

We have done everything we can to sort this out in a reasonable time but as the errors are not on our end we cannot solve them ourselves outright. Either way we are in contact with the company daily to make sure they are aware of all of the problems and that they are working towards solving them.

While these issues are not something we have had any way of avoiding we feel that our communication with you, our members, have been somewhat lacking which we are sorry for. We are trying to answer every e-mail and question we get but the amount of incoming questions are too high for us to be able to respond in a reasonable time.

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If your issue is not among them go ahead and ask us about it.


I’ve paid my membership fee but it says I haven’t paid yet?
This error is due to the fact that your registration has ended up in the old system. E-mail your P/T-number and proof of payment to and we will make sure the company moves you to the right directory.

I’ve paid my membership but I haven’t received an e-mail or card?
Just as above, your registration has probably ended up in the old system.  Send us an e-mail with your P/T-number and proof of registration.

I’m not showing up as active at SSSB? (Parked/not active)
This is due to the same fault as the questions above. When that is sorted your status should be updated.

I’m not a member but I’ve received a membership card?
Our supplier sent an incomplete list to Studentkortet by mistake. You should get an e-mail explaining what has happened. It is important to know that you are still not a member and thus you will not be registered in SSSB, your card won’t work and if it is checked by SJ or SL it will not show up in their system.

I dont have the SJ/SL-logo on my card?
Either your registration has not been correct or you might be studying less than 75%. Drop by the union office and we will find out which it is.

As stated above we are doing what we can to solve everything. In the future we will do better with informing you and we will update this post as soon as we have new information.
Again, we apologize for any inconvienience this has caused. If you have any questions contact us at


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