What do the section och trade and industry do?

Näringslivssektionen (or NärS for short), acts as a bridge between students and the industry. We work to forge ties with exciting companies that are interested in meeting talented students and to help students with important contacts for their future career. To accomplish this, we arrange including our own job fair, Systemvetardagen, which is one of Sweden’s largest job fairs for IT students.


When and where do you have events?

Most of our events take place at the school but sometimes we go to the companies. When we have events depends on when the companies wants to come to us, this is something that we give information about on Facebook(@Näringslivssektionen) and sometimes instagram(@narsdsv).


How do I become active in your section and what do I benefit out of being an active member?
You send an email to nars@disk.su.se and tell us who you are and that you are intrested. Someone from NärS will keep in touch wih you and tell you everything yu need to know to become a member. To become an active member you need to participate in arranging Systemvetardagen and be present at two meetings. As an active member in NärS you get to arrange Systemvetardagen, get to now more people at the school, participate at our parties and get in touch with intresting companies.


How do I contact or follow you you?
You can contact us at nars@disk.su.se

Facebook: @Näringslivssektionen

Instagram: @narsdsv