Särimners Kultingar

SK-logotyp 2012

“Lite svin får man räkna med.”

Särimners Kultingar (also called SK) arrange events each Tuesday at Foo Bar. These events can be everything from Super Smash Bros-, Munchkin- and Magic the Gathering evenings to baking- movie- and dungeons and dragon’s evenings.

SK also creates bigger events every third Monday of each month, where you can be expecting everything from paintball and Laser Game to mini Game Jams and game tournaments with nice prizes!

Other than the above we also organize a LAN each term at Foo Bar. So if you feel that this is something for you, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we advice you to join the SK family!

If you are studying to become a game developer or are very interested in games and programming, we have good news for you! Every semester SK, together with DSV, organize a big Game Jam that you are welcome to attend! If you have an idea for an event feel free to contact us at sk@disk.su.se or on our Facebook-page!

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