Särimners Kultingar

SK-logotyp 2012

What does Särimners Kultingar do?

We organize different types of events based on our members’ preferences. We do things like game nights (for example Super Smash Bros., Dungeons and Dragons, and different board games), movie nights where we also bake sweets to enjoy while we’re watching, and Magic: the Gathering drafts. The only limit is our members’ imagination!

We also host larger events every third week, where we organize everything from paintball and laser tag games to mini game JAM’s and gaming tournaments. In addition, we also organize a game JAM with DSV and a LAN every term!

You’re always welcome to join us whenever you want to take a small break from studying and get together with different people to do fun activities.


When and where do you host activities?

We hold events every Tuesday in Foo Bar starting at 15:45!

Our larger events are held on the third Monday every month, at the same time and place as above. These events are sometimes held outside Foo Bar (in the case of laser-tag events, for example), in which case the location is announced via our Facebook page.

We post every event on our Facebook page, Särimners Kultingar, so you’re welcome to log on and like our page so you won’t miss any of our activities!

How do I become active in your section and what do I benefit out of being an active member?

There are two ways of becoming an active member of SK:

* Help us out on two Tuesday night events per term. If you have an idea of an event you’d like us organize, no matter what it is, we’ll help you through it.

* Work one of our biyearly LANs. You’d have a guaranteed spot at the LAN and since you’d only work during a small part of it, there would be plenty of time to play!

As an active member of SK you:

* Take part of all discounts in the café and in Foo Bar.

* Get an invite to our active members-only Facebook group, where we post information just for you. We go to you first about any special events we’re thinking of hosting, and sometimes plan events just for you members.

* Get an invite to our active members SK party held at the end of every term. We play games, eat good food, and have a good time. We also open the bar during these parties.

How do I contact you?

You can mail us at sk@disk.su.se or write to us on our Facebook page.

Everyone is more than welcome to take part of our events, whether you’re members or not, and we’re always looking forward to hearing your ideas for future events! <3