The Section of Trade and Industry (Näringslivssektionen, or NärS for short), acts as a bridge between students and the industry. We work to forge ties with exciting companies that are interested in meeting talented students and to help students with important contacts for their future career.

To accomplish this, we arrange including our own job fair, Systemvetardagen, which is one of Sweden’s largest job fairs for IT students.

Even if you just started your education, it’s not too early to think about your career. In NärS you’ll learn to have a great responsibility in a professional environment. Meanwhile, you get to know wonderful people who work alongside you to drive NärS forward, the same time as you start to build your professional network.

Your social relationships largely affect your career; therefore, we work hard to create a great community between all section members – NärS greatest asset is our members and that we will always prioritize!

Our career fair Systemvetardagen is the biggest event here at DSV and carried out annually with the help of members of the NärS. Around 1,500 students from four universities visit the fair and about 50 companies participate, including Microsoft, H&M, Ericsson, Polisen IT, Accenture, Handelsbanken and many more!

Being part of the Systemvetardagen project is an incredibly fun and educational experience. All members of NärS is working on the project, which means that you can get personal contact with one or more companies – something that can lead to great deals in the future. Sounds good? Join NärS by sending an email to nars@disk.su.se, contact us on Facebook – or talk to a member of NärS at campus for more information.

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