Musical and Estetic Section

MesLoggacopylitenMusikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen, usually referred to as MES, was founded in 2011 by a group of students who thought DISK was lacking in song, dance, performance and creativity.

In recent years we have had the great honor to entertain the union’s finest parties: DISK’s annual birthday party Ratatosk and the highlight of Insparken, the Welcome Dinner.

We also strive towards establishing a real farce tradition in Kista, something that is quite unique at Stockholm University, and is much more common at KTH. In 2014 we reached an important milestone in that effort when we set up the very first “Kistaspexet”: Lunarstorm Rising.

MES is entirely shaped by our members’ own interests, so anyone who engages in any form of creativity are very welcome to us. Through the years we have organized improvisation courses, jam nights, dance evenings, sewing nights, movie nights, Eurovision events and much more. If you have suggestions for anything you would like us to do, or even want to help us to arrange, let us know!

Contact us at or send us a message on our Facebook page Musikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen (MES).