Musical and Estetic Section


What does Musikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen do?

Our activities can be divided into two parts:

One part is the hosting of independent events that in some way can be associated with the section and what it stands for – in other words something music or aesthetics related. We have arranged improvisation courses in theatre, jam nights, dance nights, sewing nights, film shows, Eurovision events and a lot more through the years. We always listen to requests both from our active members and from other interested parties when it comes to these kinds of activities.

The other part is that for the past years we have had the great honor of providing the entertainment for the student union’s finest parties: the birthday party Ratatosk and the Welcome dinner which is the pinnacle of the period that is “Insparken”. The entertainment (spex) most often consists of some form of theatre and musical appearance but it depends on the people involved – what they want to do and have time for. The work towards a spex is often a mix of planning meets, film recordings, rehearsals and so on.


When and where do you host activities?

Our independent events are held every other Monday in Foo Bar at 15:45. Additionally when it is time to prepare for a spex we often have meets and rehearsals on other times, days and places (where the Media lab is the most common one).

All our (at least the independent) events can be found on our Facebook page Musikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen (MES). We recommend anyone interested to visit and like it to be sure to never miss an event or information from us!

There is unfortunately not always time to announce planning meets and similar activities connected to a spex because they tend to be improvised a lot depending on people available and what needs to be done for the moment. However, we always make sure to put out information about the planning meets we have at the start of the work and we always welcome with open arms any help we can get no matter how far we have progressed – just contact us if you are interested to participate in some way!


How do I become active in your section and what do I benefit out of being an active member?

You are deemed active in MES by doing at least one of the following:

· Be involved in one major event. The spex on Ratatosk or the Welcome dinner are the two major events that reoccur every year.

· Help us to arrange two smaller events during the semester. These can be for example the independent events held every other Monday in Foo Bar or smaller appearances on pub nights.

As an active member of MES you get:

· To benefit from all the discounts in the café and Foo Bar.

· Access to the Media lab.


How do I contact you?

You can either send us an e-mail or contact us via our Facebook page Musikaliska och Estetiska Sektionen (MES).

It does not matter if you are a pro, novice or just curious in general about some music or aesthetic activity but you are always very welcome to participate in our events and activities!