razorlitenKM is DISK’s klubbmästeri (Club Mastery). KM’s members like parties. And pre-parties. And after-parties. Both to go to and to organize. KM is in charge of the popular wednesday pub nights every week, that attract DSV’s students out of the computer labs to eat and drink at a low price in our lovely pub Foo Bar. On top of this, KM also organizes monthly friday pubs, final parties, aswell as special pubs such as the christmas pub and initiation pub. Members of KM can count on a schedule filled with both private parties, aswell as frequent visits to other student unions. KM teaches their aspiring members during the “trasperiod”, a trial period, in the beginning of the fall semester. If you are interested in trying out some work in a bar, apply to become a “trasa”, or “dish rag”, during Insparken!


During the semester we have wednesday pubs from 15.45 to Late. The last friday of every month we also organize a friday pub between 15.45 and Even Later.

Knut Svanfeldt – Chairman (Club Master)

Kristoffer Tidemand – Vice Chairman (Vice Club Master)

E-mail: Klubba@disk.su.se

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