These are the benefits members of DISK recieve:

DISK discount

As a member you get a decent discount in the student pub, the cafeteria and the union reception.

Student Card

All our members are eligible to utilize the discounts provided by Studentkortet. When your membership fee has been processed you will recieve a student card by mail in 1-3 work days. They also have an app for apple, androig and windows phones which fills the same function.
Unfortunately Studentkortets website is not available in english so you will have to find a friend that speaks swedish or visit our reception to get help.

Travel discount

If you study at least 22,5 hp per semester (75% of full time) you get a discount at SL (public transport) and SJ (railways). If you reach the requirement you will automatically get the SL and SJ logo on your student card which allows you to travel at a reduced fare.

Housing queue

As a registered student and a member of a student union you are eligible to enter the students housing queue managed by SSSB. If you want to use this offer it is very important that you use the same e-mail adresses while registering for both SSSB and DISK. Once DISK have recieved your membership fee it will take 3-5 days for SSSB to get the information and your time in the queue starts.
Feel free to read more about the rules at the SSSB website.