Become a member


Become a member of DISK and maximize your experience as a student. The best part about being a student is the new friendships you create and the biggest part of DISK’s work goes to supporting this. To become a member you have to study atleast one course at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences instituation at Stockholms University. For more information we ask you to read our FAQ – Frequently asked questions. A membership in DISK cost only 300 sek per year or 160 sek per semester and gives you:

  • A studentcard filled with discounts. To see all discounts visit the studentcards website.
  • Membership prices in DISK’s café and in the student union office.
  • The possibility to be in SSSBs housing queue.
  • Access to all student social activities, for example floorball, basket ball, LAN, movie nights and so on.

As fullfledged member of DISK you are also giving an economic support for the Student Unions work, and thereby help us to continue offering Student Watch and student social activities. By law DISK runs all Student Watch on DSV. To use and contact the Student Watch there is no need for membership.