Students Watch

The Students Watch are available by e-mail at, it is also possible to reach them at their facebook page and at the workshop.


Questions about the management and governance can be sent to the board at


For questions regarding our pub please contact the president of the klubbmästeri at
(If you know what klubbmästeri translates to in english please let us know)

Business Section

For all questions related to our business section feel free to send an e-mail to

Union Office

If you have any questions regarding membership, membership benefits or anything of the sort you can visit the union office near the canteen. It is also possible to reach the reception by e-mail ( or by phone (+468 16 16 82). This is also where we sell compendiums for the courses that have them.


Every thursday there is a workshop in Foo Bar where you can get and give help with your coursework. To get in touch with the people in charge of the workshop you have to attend the workshop (they will probably get an email pretty soon).