The organisation

The student union DISK exists to support and give our members an enjoyable time during their time as students at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV. We offer a variety of student social activities outside of the curriculum ones through our seven different subsections. There is something for everyone. Do you like sports, outdoor life or to engage in the business area? Maybe games or even to party is your thing. To find out more about a particular section or how to join, please contact us at

To support the students at DSV we maintain a Student Watch that deals with issues regarding the curriculum and the teachers. DISK also makes sure there is a cafeteria where you can buy coffee and sandwiches, a student union office where you can, for instance, buy compendiums, a website and much more.

DISK is run by the board which consists of elected students who themselves study at DSV.


For fiscal year 2017, the following poeple are on the Board:


Alexander Kekkonen
 Sofia Ländin
 Sebastian Gabrielsson
Albert Gonzalez
Axel Ekberg
 Ellinor Granlund
  Chief Communication Officer
Filip Hörnsten
Chief Technology Officer
Jens Hall
Chief Event and Facility Officer
Olivia Olsson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Emelie Persson
  Chief Student Safety Officer
Willhelm Ericsson
First deputy member of the board
Carolina Svantesson
Second deputy member of the board
Pontus Hellerstedt
 Knut Svanfeldt
Victor Parkkila
Olivia Follin
Nina Jalming
Engla Jonsson
Max Bertilsson