Do you want to be in the board of DISK during 2018?

DISK’s election committee are looking for a new board in DISK. Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference for all of us students here at DSV? Maybe you’ve had thoughts of how you can develop outside of your studies? Or you’ve had ideas for new kinds of coffee in our café?  Then maybe you will be great in the DISK board!
You can nominate yourself or someone you think would fit in the board to the election committee who will look at all the applications. Don’t hesitate to send in a nomination because that will only ensure a higher chance or DISK gaining a good board for 2018.
Depending on what position you are nominated to, there is different things that is required of you. Read more about all the positions you can nominate someone for at
To be in the board of DISK also gives you a lot of advantages. It gives you the opportunity to affect the student life at DSV and even some of the rest of the student life in Stockholm. You get the opportunity to develop as a person, but also in your profession, as well as you hopefully gain friends for life. If that’s not enough you also learn to take responsibility, collaboration, conflict management and you have a lot of fun as well.
Make a difference for yourself and everyone else in DISK. Join the board!
Nominations should contain answers to questions like “Who are you?/the person you nominate?”., “Why do you want to be in the board?”/”Why is this person fit to be in the board?” and “What experiences/qualifications do you(/this person) have?”. Nominations should be sent to the election committee at:
Kind regards,
DISK and the election committee