Membership and opening hours for union reception

UPDATE: Everything should be working now, please let us know if you encounter any errors.

Hello again!

We’ve had some trouble with our payment methods for those of you who have recvieved a letter but that has been resolved. Unfortunately an issue has occured with our online membership registration. Hopefully the issue will be resolved tomorrow, we will add more information here when we know more.

If you would like to become a member this week (and dont have an OCR-number) you can find DISK at the orientation day this wednesday at Aula Magna, Frescati. Our reception will also be open between 9:30-14:30 this thursday and between 9:30-13:00 on friday.

Next week we will have our regular opening hours in both the reception and the café.

Have a nice week =)

Soon it begins!

Kista NOD

Hello all new students! The start of the autumn-term is drawing closer and that means that there’s a lot of important stuff you shouldn’t miss!
We in Insparken will be introducing ourselves to the new master and exchange students the 27th of August and we will also be showing you around the school.
During the first 2 weeks of the autumn-term we always host a 2 week long “inspark” for you, the new students. During these 2 weeks we have daily fun activities where you can make friends, hang out and make yourself at home in the school. We finish these 2 weeks with the best day of the year where we start off with fun activities in Humlegården, located in the center of Stockholm, and later during the evening we have a welcome dinner and party here in Kista. Insparken is a chance for you to get to know the institution and all of your fellow course-mates – Don’t miss this chance!

Enjoy the last days of the summer, we look forward to seeing you all!